Easily add pause buttons to your GIFs.

Dwight Schrute from The Office says: Give me control!

This script is intended for shorter GIFs that loop indefinitely. It only generates a still of the first frame.

  • Automatic
    • Generates a still using <canvas> element
    • No need to upload png/jpeg "still" of GIF
  • Accessible
    • Keyboard accessible
    • Unique accessible names for buttons based on alt text
    • Large target size (50px by 50px)
    • Respects prefers-reduced-motion media query
  • Vanilla JavaScript, no dependencies


Illustrated astronaut pressing a big red button.

Toggle all button (Optional)

Have a lot of GIFs? Add optional toggle button to your page.

Kermit fiercely typing away on a typewriter.

Pause GIF initially (Optional)

Add the class gifa11y-paused if you'd like the GIF to be initially paused. Or include "gifa11y-paused" in the file name.

Owen Wilson reading a newspaper and saying wow.

Automatic stills

Stills are generated using <canvas> element and inherit the same classes as the original GIF.

Milkyway galaxy slowly spinning clockwise.

Large target size

Clickable area = 50px by 50px.

White husky in a blue jumpsuit floating in a rocketship.

Keyboard accessible

Native <button> elements with a unique accessible name. Hover or tab to pause button to reveal accessible name.

Waterfall within a lush green forest.

Hyperlinked gifs

When a GIF is within a hyperlink, the pause button is appended before the anchor. This prevents nesting of interactive controls.

Missing alt text (or marked as decorative)?

You'll get a friendly reminder. 🤠

Animated GIF of Gandalf saying: you shall not pass!


Add CSS class gifa11y-ignore if you'd like to ignore a GIF, include gifa11y-ignore in file name, or add exclusions via props.

Waterfall within a lush green forest.

Collapsed content

Gifa11y uses clientWidth to determine width of images. When an image is hidden or within collapsed content, the clientWidth will equal 0. As a fallback, Gifa11y will rely on naturalWidth to set the width of the generated canvas element so it displays properly.

Two medieval armies charging and clashing with each other. Chaos ensues; swords and armour flying and a large pile of bodies. Text overlay that says Git Merge.

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